Sun and Moon Crystal Cleanser

  • Sun Crystal and Moon Crystal is best used when paired together. Sun Crystal Bar as your morning facial cleanser to boost your skin with hydration while Moon Crystal Bar as your evening cleanser to rid your skin of impurities that have built up during the day. 


    • Sun Crystal is a glycerin based morning bar that works as a facial cleanser. Energize your skin for the day ahead and keep those pores healthy and fresh. Rich in glycerin and blended with honey to help condition the skin naturally. Topped with lavender and jasmine to give your skin an extra boost. 
    • Excellent for babes living in the city with excess pollution and radiation or for our beach babes as sun protection.  


    • Moon Crystal is a glycerin based evening bar that works as a facial cleanser. After a long day exposed to dirt, dust and all kinds of toxins from pollution, Night Crystal will attract all the impurities from your pores and flush it all out. Gentle on the face and excellent in attracting excess oils. Topped with rose buds and chamomile for an extra vitamin boost while you slumber.
    • Excellent for babes living in the city and dealing with toxic build up in their pores or for out beach babes to help with the oil extraction after a long day in the sun.


    Paraben Free. All Natural. Sensitive Skin. Facial Cleansers.


    Size: 150G/bar