How to order?

It's super easy! 1. Browse around our website and ‘ADD TO CART’ anything you would like to purchase. 2. Once you’re ready, click checkout. 3. Follow the steps and fill in the required information. 4. Submit order! You will automatically receive two emails. The first email is your official invoice and the second email will contain instructions on how to pay. Kindly follow the steps given in the email. Once you have paid, kindly send us your proof of payment (screenshot, receipt, etc) and wait for us to confirm your payment within 24 hours.

Couriers, Shipping & Delivery?

We ship out daily on weekdays! Your order will be shipped 24 hours after payment confirmation has been made. We do NOT ship out on weekends and holidays. We ship nationwide through AP Cargo, JNT Express and JRS Express. Shipping rates are based off weight with a minimum of ₱100. For wholesale orders, shipping rates may differ. Shipping should take 2-7 working days, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. We have no control over the courier and if we could deliver the items to your doorstep ourselves trust me, we would but unfortunately we have to rely on the couriers for this task.

Modes of Payment?

We accept over the counter and online/mobile banking deposits through these banks:

  • BDO - Banco De Oro
  • BPI - Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Security Bank
  • GCash
Kindly note that BDO over the counter bank deposits have a service charge of ₱50 while BPI over the counter is completely free. Both BPI and BDO are free through online banking. Payment details are sent to your email right after you have placed your order.


Yes, click here!

Item out of stock?

Our inventory is updated regularly so if it is out of stock, we are truly out of stock for the time being! But follow our instagram, @rrawph for updates as to when we will restock!

I messaged you with an inquiry, when will you get back to me?

We will get back to you within 24 hours. We are a small business and our influx of orders have risen. We are trying our best and we will get back to you.


Yes, we are accepting resellers! Email us at

Do you do rebranding or private labeling?


How to donate for the animal shelter?

Visit our DONATE page and add to cart the amount you're comfortable with. We love our furry friends and we've helped so many animals find loving homes because of you!

Pick Ups around Iloilo City only.

We do pick ups around Iloilo City!



Are you organic?

We are 101% organic! By organic, we mean that all our products are plant-derived, coming straight from this beautiful earth of ours. This does not mean we are "chemical-free" because believe it or not, even water is a chemical (h2o). The word organic is so misconstrude these days, that no one knows what it truly means. In our case, it means we don't use any ingredients that was synthesized in a lab.

Do your products contain preservatives?

Yes of course! Food-grade preservatives. To be quite frank, it's scarier for a product to be preservative-free. Preservatives aren't a bad thing, but the current trend and media have depicted them to be. Preservatives are what keep the active ingredients in your skincare products from going off. They keep the bacteria (because there's bacteria everywhere) that get into the product at bay. They work as defense to keep your products in tip top shape. Of course, there are toxic preservatives, however, our preservatives are 100% food-grade! P.S: Salt is a preservative.

Are you vegan?

Nope. Some of our items contain dairy and honey.

Proper storage and care?

  • Always away from sunlight.
  • Always in a cool - shadey area.
  • Always keep sealed.
  • Try not to get too much water in the product.
  • Clean hands please!

How eco-conscious are you?

We try our best! What we do:

  • Up-cycling packaging.
  • Found out it was cheaper to professionally print stickers than print our own as we would product more waste and carbon, while the professional printing companies always buy in bulk and have solar-powered machines.
  • We never throw out plastic packaging from our materials. We up-cycle these and use them when packaging your orders.

Plastic packaging?

We accept our old bottles back! We will gladly refill your items at a discount if you're willing to send it back to us.

Shelf life of your products?

Typically 6-12months, depending on the item and if cared for correctly. Each product varies so please check out the info section of each product,.

Allergic reaction?

Skincare isn't a one size, fits all. Everyone's skin is different and we all react to things differently! Please do a patch test before use and if irritation occurs, discontinue use and seek out a doctor.

Locally handmade?

You bet!

Product looks hazey?

If the product has coconut oil, it is hazey because coconut oil tends to freeze upon colder temperate.

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